Matter = light oscilating

at lower vibrations or frequencies per unit spacetime

Unit spacetime = time it takes for light to oscilate

Time here is a product of both absolute time due to gravity

The gravity itself sucks spacetime to force “motion” of light within this spacetime 

Motion of light = time

Time for light to move in space

Time for light to move in space equals space time

Perspective of motion from within this oscilating spacetime and due to oscilations of said perceiver equals “our conscious reality”

If no light motion = no space time

Time as a concept needs a better collective word because it is used as both absolute time and relativistic indivual time but both are very different

Absolute time is constantly streaming until gravity stops.

Gravity stops when oscilating living conscious beings near by the gravity (hint living beings on earth, hint humans for our purposes) realize they are as present and as here as all the other matter occupying this spacetime

During this moment of enlightening realization there may be gravity waves or electromagnetic disturbances


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