High Frequency Oscillations – Be The Realization

So many rules of how we think it operates change at levels of high frequency oscillation that it nearly becomes that these current observations which we believe to be true rules or laws of how the universe actually works become irrelevant.

This is due to the frequency of the oscillation of the consciousness (or light) being an incredibly important factor of both:

1) how the reality is being created and

2) the end result of the reality that is being created.

In short:

At levels of High Frequency Oscillations, previous rules change so much that they nearly become null and void.

For your personal life: How it actually works (obtaining true success) may be so far from how you think it works from your current unsuccessful frame of mind, that it is nearly better to forget all rules you think are rules and to simply trust your instinct.

We live so far away from how we can actually live that some believe the actually limit is: “you simply have to believe it to be possible and it will be”

You would think that this is beyond the scope of rational and true science but the scary part is that concepts and truths found from rational and true quantum physics also lean towards this “believe it and it’s true” realization.

Again, I do not yet believe it is that malleable, I do believe that there are underlying rules.

I simply think that they change so much at certain levels, (which maybe only a handful of people in existence knew, like Tesla,) that we are entrapping ourselves scientfically in believing that anything we have discovered in science is anywhere close to fundementally true.

It changes like crazy the quicker you oscillate within it.

I will try to determine the science behind why the higher frequency oscillations change the quality, content and interaction of the actual reality itself, but it is so fun and exciting to see the world this way, that it is almost more beneficial to simply be the realization and let the explanations take care of themselves.

(Short hand explanation:

All the Universe is Light oscillating.

Long hand explanation: Coming soon)


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  1. Exactly where I am this morning.

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