Long Hand Explanation Draft

  1. How it actually works is incredibly related to the frequency of the oscillation of the light taking part in creating the reality.

Here frequency is relative. It always is when comparing it to something else, but in truth, that is how we determine qualities and aspects of everything; by comparing it so something else.

This is one second. One second is one atomic something something

This is one meter, it is 100 centimeters. 1 centimeter is about the size of a fly

Keep going down and what you can continue comparing to becomes fuzzy probalities waves

The very fabric of the universe is maleable and translucent


aka The frequencies of the oscillations of the percievers / creators of the reality and the relative differences of them,

  1. between 2 points of oscillation source (here the Universe itself is also a perciever. your interaction with it is dependant of your perception of it, and it perception of you

if you trust to let the light shine through you as it wants to, it will greatly increase the quality of said universe.

All reality is a loop between 2 or more perspectives of the creation that is our reality. Here the Universe is also a perciever.


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