Tesla is the greatest who ever lived – Cars are terribly Inefficient

The stop and go mechanics of them…

How much energy and heat loss is emitted every time we hit the breaks, for every stop, to get that huge hunk of metal back at 0.

Both the traffic laws and the global systems addiction to oil are reasons for why we are still travelling so inefficiently.

So we just continue doing things like morons so that we can continue jacking ourselves off.

Pay the gas man.

Pay the rich man

Pay the war man

Pay the leader.

It’s all the same thing.

Sorry, Zepplin was playing there and those lyrics came to me.

Basically, if we would focus on getting in tune with the frequency we are already at, we could greatly increase our ability to leverage our Human Energy towards creating and manifesting this Universe as we see fit.

This shared and collective universe.

The energy required to increase the rate at which we are oscillating at) Acceleration = requires more Energy than resonating with it in synch.

I’m not sure exactly what that means but I think it has a lot to do with Free Energy, and how a Human alive over 100 years ago realized it was already Here and all he wanted to do was give it to them.

Tesla Is the greatest who ever lived.

It is difficult to express yourself honestly in a system that still isn’t ready to be honest with itself.


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