The Focus is

The Focus is the ability You have to aim, analyze manipulate or manifest the Consciousness to your desires.

The are underlying rules to how Focus affects the Universe for the Universe is already as she is.

It may have a slight influence on how we, the observer or oscillators influence or analyze or perceive the

Basically, if you Focus in just the right way, you are able to make things levitate.

This isn’t a “try and you’ll get it” thing.

This is, this is how it actually is and things start to levitate at a certain frequency.

It’s how it is.

Part 3 recollection:

Gravity waves happened after the anti gravity.

Gravity waves happened around Sept 8th or 9th of 2013.

Anti Gravity was closer to Sept 1st.

Anti Gravity way have been the wind, but I doubt it.

Gravity waves were so heavy other people felt them and caused red eyes from the cat.

Cat’s don’t give a fuck, they’re already here.

The anti


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