Inside a Black Hole

on the inside of the Balck hole there is trapped light oscilating 
Like how it feels inside you when you’re inside your mind and not expressing
But there’s something on the other side

There’s something more

Where the light was born

The Source

I would think the Unverse is expanding into or being born from or oscilating between and or with The Source

I believe the Source is where everything that is here originates 

I believe it has the underlying framework for how this Universe can exist

& I do not know why this entire oscilation is happening but I believe it to be that the universe herself is trying to evolve to a higher state universe

I believe that the universe itself cannot downgrade but only trap itself or ascend

I believe given that we are still here and that there are many black holes , I believe it is clear that our universe has not ascended yet from our relativistic frame of view.

I believe the entire Universe ascends when a species approaching planetary enlightenment remembers that there’s “more to save” , and decides to go up.

In going up from here, I don’t foresee any more threats – everyone higher than that point has reached planetary enlightenment already.

Given that our universe still has black holes from our relativistic point of view, these “already planetary” species have not yet saved the universe (or ascended completely)

Meaning :

Humans are either really special (which we may actually be)


We’re just gonna be another one of those “black hole” losing species 

So which is it gonna be?

It’s up to You
Or is this one so easy that we can high step our way to the finish line.

“We’re all just walking each other home”

ram dass 


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