Planetary Peace – Flux – Wreck It Ralph

planetary peace requires an equality of the current pyramid structure

I would explain the physics of how the pyramid structure will

Invert and then restabilize to 0

Because it might frighten the system too much to the point that we try to fight it and only end up making it worse.

In a way the best or worst is still to come, but the speed at which it will be oscilating, and the rate at which that oscilation will continue to increase, are both, for the first time in history, the first time this type of exponentially has ever occurred.

Given that realization it is important to remember how negligible the past is.

Negligible in the sense (heavy doc,


Is heavy due to time

Behind sucked inside of


Flux releases it

Flux makes it so the rules don’t matter

Like the driver glitch in wreck it Ralph 


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