Here, Presence and Absolute Time

being truly Here

Is a product of recognizing that your relative perspective is a sort of illusion of what already is

You come to realize that time itself is already flowing, correlated to the gravitational pull of our planet, independent of your feelings towards it

Understanding that the time will flow regardless of your anxiety towards it will allow you to reach a divine peace with the flow of time and space around you

Suddenly the omnipresence of the thing becomes still and silent

Previously a persistent Commander over you

The time and space now acknowledge your presence and await your input serenely

you are simply swimming with it as opposed to reacting to it 

This deeper understanding of the inevitable and constant flow of absolute time makes your relative time spent here more present and less anxious

Side note on inevitable anxiety:

True Anxiety seems to be your subconscious being at unrest with your current situation, above and beyond how you spend your time 

If you’re doing what you’re not authenticaly supposed to be doing, you are likely to feel anxiety

It is an important signal from your deeper self 

Do not ignore it

It is trying to tell you that something needs to authentically change 

Acknowledge the anxiety and do what it is you know you need to do 

But remember that the enjoyment of how you will go about doing your thing can greatly increase by simply acknowledging this:

the Time will pass anyways


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