im not that concerned that there are cameras all across our cities and digitally upon all our communication

I’m concerned at how large the crock of deep shit the guys who set up the cameras are trying to hide

In the long term I’m actually more concerned for those doing the surveilling today than for those who are being surveilled

I don’t know how many more times “those guys” are going to continually try to fuck us and then baltently lie about it in front of us all as we lower our pants and smile , before we kind of don’t tolerate that kind of bs anymore

(Speaking off stuff like jfks assassination, every war in general, The Vietnam War, John lennons assassination, martin Luther kings assassination, Malcolm X’s Assasination, lee Harvey oawalds assassination, Bradley or Ashely? manning a fate, why snowmen risked his life to explain a little, the 2008 financial collapse, and the September 11th 2001 9/11 twin tower masterpiece of a thing

Potential things I could be speaking about include the moon landing and the Boston bombing and various school shootings but I haven’t looked into those enough but they bear the same markings of the beast

Talking about them and their cloud of surveillance, like all reality, inherently links the two of you 
Since we’re all under the same cloud of surveillance and that same beast I don’t see why we wouldn’t want to mutually and authentically talk about it

Apart from that fact that we are the beast

That at the end of the day it won’t end with a retribution but an acceptance, on both sides of what it means to be Alive, Life and Human

For we are them

They’re here 

They’re our fathers our brothers our mothers and our sisters

They are Us

I could paint that same story every time but it only ends when it ends for real and that’s when it’s for real


Today on the News: we all were looking at the same thing for a moment and when that moment happened together and we realized we were all witnessing it together we became self realized and now I don’t even think this news channel will exist anymore 

Thanks for watching!
We’re all here

It’s all of us

And we made it


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