your Relative Time

it is important to remember

That the most important thing to remember

Is that 

as long you authentically respect your rate of relative time through (everyone’s) (or the) absolute  time

You will be as free 

as the Absolute

It is resonating at the Speed of light 

be authentic with how you are reading it and you can only be a better and truer you

What I’m trying to say is respect yourself and how you go about doing things 

the best way to do something is how you really want to do it

The problem begins when you hesitate

Hesitation creates a motion of distrust towards the absolute thing

it is already perfect

it can ever be anything other than what it is and what it constantly becomes 

So be ok with being your own person

Your own way

As long as you are ok with that

(And how it wants to oscilate through you)

You will remain in optimal flow

The truer you are with the absolute thing , the better your relative perspective of that absolute thing will be

The truth of you wants to resonate at the speed of light
Holding it back is a disservice to both you, and what that light is trying to do through you

For your relative time is only a product of building off, resonating with, and witnessing the flow of the absolute time

Realize this and you are free

A free that cannot be truly understood until you are already there

But You already are 

The Collective Free will be when everyone reaches it together, and then it’ll be a Free no one has ever seen

Even those who have reached this free 




Speaking about today


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