Thoughts inherently in synch and Source

there is a lot

To realizing
That it is always


In synch

Down to the thoughts themselves

For the thoughts are physical

Perhaps the thoughts are all being channeled from the same source and that creates the inherent and obvious collective intelligence 

Perhaps what we take in goes back to the source and we are the source expressing itself through a universe 

Perhaps the universe is the oscilation of light through source 

I think the thoughts themselves are inherently in sync for the thing itself is in inherent aknowledgment and realization of itself 

This is and has always been true but the ( human ) collective realization of what already is will change the state of the oscilating thing itself 
What I was trying to ultimately say was:

(Not only is the physical space time in synch with itself, but the thoughts you are having this second and every second are always inherently in sync with that same physical surrounding and collective universe
For the thoughts themselves are physical 

This is a scientific truth that can be proven and shown , it’s just heavy doc


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