relative perspectives – Light Source Universe And gravity

Realitive perspectives are only relative to other relative perspectives

Absolutely, there is only One Perspective

It is always only at one single point in both Space and Time:

Here and Now

Absolutely (time) and (space) do not exist for in absolute One Perspective Self Realized terms they become the Time and Space of Here and Now





Inherent Self Realization and Acknowledgement of


To the Humans of todayAugust 31, 2015

We are still only here and now , because we have not globally/planetary/collectively self realized our relative perspectives of this thing and of each other, so…

1) Here and Now has not yet been Collectively Realized on planet Earth

2) from this same planet Earth, the Universe itself is still not self Realized
(that is likely an inherent characteristic of not being locally self realized. due to time dilation and the vsstness of or Universe, it would make sense that ascnesion happens in synch as a Universal Whole and the universe herself ascends

so as we approach planteray self realization a lot of stuff is going to change “relatively” quickly and as doc brown would say
we’re going to see some serious shit

If there are Enlightened Alien who reached or approached Planetary Enlightenment further ahead than us from our relative timeline , we / I do not see them yet.

Either they’ve gone Up – … But again I think going Up from this point in our universe would create an ascension or a “going up” for the entire universe itself for we are agents working for it, or some would say we are the entire process that It is.

So I think the aliens that were relatively ahead of us in terms of reaching a global collective self realized state (aka Planetary Enlightenment)

I think that ALL of those 

not one, not some, not nearly all but


Of those ahead of us from our relative perspective of “a 14 billion year old universe” 

All of those that approached their planetary enlightenment either 

1- (something I cannot commute yet given evolutionary path towards more and more enlightened higher fidelity resonance with what Is/truth) (what I’m trying to say here is from what I think / I know / what I think I know today they…

2- they have all Black Holed


Gravity is at the CENTER of all mass

In fact, the art of being mass itself creates gravity

(or the art of taking up space time creates gravity)
(the very existence of mass or a being or oscialtion of light within spacetime creates gravity inherently)
this is an inherent charecterisic of space time.

occupied spacetime crestes gravity

the oscillation of light creates all that Is

When an Oscillator oscilates at a given threshold frequency it becomes “matter” 

The reason that everything becomes fuzzy probabilistic waves at “quantum levels” is …

{because it is all just light being oscialted by us all (us and it oscilating together)

side note: the fact that we and it are always constantly oscialting together obviously creates “wow wtf is this quantum shit?!” in experiments of those doing the experimebts if they have not yet reliazed that they are co creators and non-constant non-normalized ever evolving agents (coefficients) in the equation of that spacetime reality they are trying to experimebt on – until this is Truly realized / akcnowledged Science will not be able to evolve past its current head in the sand perspective of its own head itself – and what it Truly means to be inside the head that is co creating the reality)

quantum is really another word for a really zoomed in perspective of the same thing that our regular day perspectives are always currently oscilating with and within…}

anyways the reason is all fuzzy undetermined probablistic waves of possivilities is because it actually is Basel.

All it is , is Light oscilating through different perspective of Source.

Communicating and oscilating with itself to gain self awareness and self realization 

Next Chapter: pockets of Source Inside a Universe swimming within Source

Ultimately there are 3 Truly Fundemental building blocks for all that Is




(the being that oscilates it all – is you, You – He – God) (yours is just one perspective of an astronomical amounts of perspectives and co creators of all that Is)

More tomorrow …



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