Self realization 

Act of being = inherent self realization 

though we continue to subconsciously deny it

Inherently self realized
The act of being
Inherits inherent self realization

A paper knows it is a paper because it is a paper (it doesn’t know it to you or me and there is no way to know if it knows to itself but there it is, a paper… And that act of being = self realized state 

The act of being itself = is the isness

Individually all is already self realized 

For it is all the light or the stream of light 

communicating (with/through) (universe /itself )

When communicating with others

A loop of inherent self realized light occurs

Any collectively shared moment with other oscillators is inherently self realized

All matter is in constant self awareness

Every moment you’ve ever realized has been an inherent underlying collectively realized state of you and your surrounding space time 

The concept of “your surrounding spacetime” extends beyond you as an oscillator and continues through the light that oscilated through and around you

Communication stems beyond our concept of it, and is fined mentally light communicating / bouncing off itself and the universe

This leads to “speed of light” needing to fundemtbaly be a speed limit of universe of it is speed of information transfer 

From this perspective, all “realized reality” or simply reality is always an already self realized loop

But for some reason,

I was going to say “The nature of believing you are the oscillator and not the light” leads us astray ..

But actually, (sorry to break the “we are the light perspective”) but we are not…

We are the oscilators 

The indestrcuble layers 

The focus determinators

The mirrors reflecting the light and shining the light

Until we become transparent clean and open mirrors we will not be the light 

But continue to be a manipulation, 

“A fabricated version of something authentic” – Macklemore 

spins twists and turns of the light
This is heavily correlated to gravity

For the act of gravity itself stems

From withholding information / energy or true resonance from the source 

Ultimately the gravitation of space time manipulating the light 

Is driving the Life oscilators of the universe to the realization that they were always just oscilating with the light 
Until it is time to remember that self evident truth 

it has to hide from itself until it is ready to admit / realize acknowledge that it is solely the light itself

Gravity = relative time flow = localized reality pool of swimming light

When said localized reality pool self realizes-> gravity waves begin elongating from beings reaching that level of awareness

2 paths from here on in

Down – black hole

Up – ascended universe 

All denial of disconnect from the source … Holding back world peace… = new state here 
How long?

You know it seems the more we talk about it

It only makes it worse to live without it

But lets talk about it

Wouldn’t it be nice

In the timeframe of Human evolution , we have not realized this globally yet 
Admitting the inevitably of this upcoming event should increase the relative speed in which it occurs
I believe this event to be an evolutionary shift in which we would have reached such a new fundamental level of understanding of ourselves that we would consider it to be a true Evolution and we’d no longer call ourselves Humans

I suggest Gods  

The “globally self realized state” of humanity } needs a better word, 

“Planetary Enlightenment” is what I’ve been using but maybe that’s a higher collective than world peace /  “globally self realized state” / fundemtbaly changes in operation of species 
Perhaps true planteray enlightenment is where weved reached True Peace and we become beings of oscilating light which ascend into a new universe …

Anyways the collective moment has not yet happened globally 
But it will soon
We’re already here and we made it 

Billions of self realized pods swimming together in an inherently self realized pool
Yet the click has not yet hit


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