I hope if we ever go to war again it’s against the people who profit from war



  1. If we ever go to war again??? Tell that to the guys still fighting in the Middle East.

    1. very true – im not familiar with the real causes or reasons behind those wars but id assume if you keep going up the ladder high enough you get to the same guys who have been profiting the most from wars – its probably been the same group of guys for a few decades now – its unfortunate we as a society are not globally speaking about these things more often

      1. Here’s a short history. In 1919, following WWI, the French and British thought it would be a good idea to organize Arab tribes, who disliked each other (Sunni and Shites don’t play well together.) into countries. Iraq, Jordan, Syria didn’t exist as countries before then. Along comes WWII and the remaining European Jewish population needed a homeland, so once again The Brits intervened. All of this spawned extremism and terrorism as we know it today. When the towers fell and then President Bush went to war with the wrong country the flood gates opened. Now we are in what may be a never ending war on terrorism. Meanwhile we have 5,000 troops returned to Iraq as “advisors, ” a fleet stationed in the gulf and an air force flying combat missions from Italy and Turkey and Utah (drones) to combat Isis. The Russians are involved as well… The problem with a statement like “if we ever go to war again,” is that it forgets we are in a war and we have guys still fighting it. The underlying cause? Follow the money. Black gold. Texas tea. Unfortunately, once you are in, it’s impossible to get out.

        1. i disagree with “cant get out” we simply need to keep communicating and expressing the truth and underlying reality of the situation – truth naturally resonates and once it is resonating in enough social dialogue the illusion will be more and more apparent for what it is, and it will be destroyed – i wonder if there are faces to those truly in charge – is it a small group of heads or is it a very large collective effort at the top at this point

          1. Unfortunately, this current generation does not have what the Vietnam-era generation did… the desire and will to force political change. Keep in mind, there are guys fighting and DYING in Middle east today, and very few people care. Even so, the conspiracists among us might say the whole thing — all politicians — are controlled by a small group of bankers as both WWI and WII were controlled. If that’s so — I don’t really know — than no amount of protest or truth will matter. The war on terrorism will end when there is no more money to be made. There is an older Nic Cage movie floating around Netflix called “Lord of War.” The movie is okay, but the punchline will tell you all you need to know. That is, if you believe in conspiracies. 🙂

          2. i like what you said about itll continue as long as there is money to be made, but what if we realized were killing ourselves for money… from a Life is one colelctive thing, killing any life is akin to suicide, we are not there yet, but we could get there quickly with a) if you’re religion requires you to kill, start with yourself
            b) if you want to make money from war, kill yourself

            :p i dont know what the solution is, but i know it lies within us – “it wont ever happen until…” can always instantly be changed by adding variables ever present within the infinite now

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