The Oscillator Is Indestructible

The Mirror inside you and all matter

is a physical and indestructible layer of a substance

How the Mirror focuses the Light determines the Sphere of Focus

how you let the light shine through determines how your intentions and perceptions of this sphere effect and co create the reality within the sphere itself

the oscillation is

behind the gravity

inside the matter

the oscillation is Only Attractive

its oscillation moves light through different pockets/perception points of source

this type of oscillation creates space time

or what oscillators like ourselves call reality

is there an ether? a common question

is there a substance in which the light needs to travel through.. (<— this is the wrong way of looking at it)

The oscillation of the light creates the space time itself

oscillation of light through source

oscillation of light from one pocket of source to another creates space time



gravity holes in a universe with light

the holes… they haven’t gone anywhere

they’re still in this universe

they’re just trapped within themselves

there is oscillation of light happening within you right now

it is the self awareness of yourself

this communication of information requires/is light

you have an inherent sphere of influence and attraction simply by being

you are much more than your physical body

you are the extension of how you let the light shine through you

if a type of hoarding of this light

of this information

occurs at high degrees

(high here referring to High Frequency Light Oscillations or High Frequency Consciousness)

you begin to withhold the light from itself

the oscillator from other oscillators (this line feels dangerous. if these oscillators reunite into one wouldn’t that be a black hole? aren’t we supposed to ascend? there is inherent trust in the process, but why so many black holes?)

one pocket of source choosing to deny that it is swimming with other pockets of that same source


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