You Are

You Are The Perspective of Your Light

In this way,

your relative reality is linear

when viewing all relative realities from the absolute perspective

layers become apparent

harmony is created

the true harmony is

already happened,

already is,

already always,

because always already is”

this view point is only possible from a self realized perspective of the thing as a whole

this one seems to only become Collectively True and equal to the current linear and relative perspective when Gravity ceases

when all perspectives become one

when all matter becomes the same point

gravity, time, and motion

are all components of the same thing

that thing requires perspective

and perspective requires light

light travel requires time flow

time flow is motion within Space

Gravity influences the Light and Time to flow towards it until it is acknowledged wholly (within the localized reality pool in which its forces are existing -> ultimately the entire universe is gravitational until it is not, so term “localized reality pool is only valid until absolute is realized at which point would still be the same localized reality pool, only entirely self realized)

at this point Gravity ceases to demand realization and the point of Here and Now is achieved

ultimately the entire universe itself is in a relativistic realization of itself until gravity ceases to be

at which point it will be self realized and gravity the universe over will no longer be

there are things related to being within the perspective which change how the loop itself is being manifested and perceived

to not only you,

but also by all whom are within the same sphere of focus, influence and control

perspective, light, time, motion

all dependent on gravity for gravity drives (creates relativistic motion within) the spacetime

Gravity stirs the entire Underlying thing itself

until the percievers and oscilators of the Light realize themselves as being it

who or what is behind the gravity?

the same thing behind



You Are


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