At the Plate – Working in Batches

Getting your work done in batches of common work thread massively increases your ability to produce quality and quantity of work

Ex: Doing a lot of writing at once, cleaning a lot of the house once cleaning, getting extra reps in at the gym once you’re already there

Once you do the work of actually putting yourself in position to do the work 

The incremental gains towards doing those “extra reps” go a huge way compared to usually leaving before the workload is done

Batching is the idea of maximizing your output once the required effort to commence the work itself has been spent (opening laptop, getting to the office…)

There is a huge cost towards starting and stopping  and simply “getting yourself in position” to do the work which we tend to ignore and not realize once the work has begun

We get lazy and tired and want to snack

Next time you’re at the plate

Think about how much work you did to get to the fkn plate and Barry bonds that mofo 

 catch that beautiful butterfly baby



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