The Happening – Physical Thoughts

It’s gonna happen anyways
But it’s also currently happening
Understand that how you be with your thoughts

Directly affects how your happen is gonna continue happening 

Potentially because thoughts are physical and can travel through time 

The idea of thoughts being able to physically enter different dimensions of time

You think about your day tomorrow , or what you’ll have for dinner

And while planning our mind physically enters new unmaterialized realms

[ Of thought land (future physical land) ]

And physically influences the actual future Present

Could it not be that your thoughts are always in a Physical Present no matter where they are relative to our perceived Present

you are always physically where your thoughts are

Time is already proven to be physical and malleable due to gravity and relative motion in relation to another perceiver 

It’s not a stretch to realize the thought itself is the only truly physical thing

Take aways:

The time will pass anyways

You are always where you are

You are always where your mind is

Actions taken in thought land instantly affect real land even if you don’t act on them

thought land is physical and potentially just as unlimited as our realized physical universe 


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  1. Wow! Great post! Reach out and touch someone you love….

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