Frequencies of Consciousness : 6-8

According to Tesla, humans and potentially all life “oscillate” between frequencies of 6 MHz and 8 MHz 

I believe we are oscillating higher each day and evolutionary speaking, reaching higher levels of frequency is probably how species evolve (both short and long term)

I believe evolutionarily we are increasing the frequency of our oscillation through time passing (ultimately oscillations of light happening)

I believe one can get above 8 (MHz?)

I believe at this point one can make objects in his space time levitate 

I believe 6 is strongly correlated to gravity

Cats and animals closer to the ground like snakes seem to oscillate closer to 6 

I believe one can oscilate strongly towards (communicate to) 6 from a perspective of 8 and create gravity waves (there may be something having to do with how high your are relative to the ground in how these gravity waves materialize

Perhaps humans are both the highest and the lowest

The strongest oscillators 

Truly high frequency oscillation will affect your vision

Space time around you will be clearer and more calm

You will know once you see it

Perhaps anxiety is being near or around or within frequencies not in tune to your inner dial 

Ignoring them increases the discomfort and resistance 

Acknowledging accepts and allows to pass through 

Perhaps they are just growing pains

I believe rising in frequency requires less effort than trying to do anything

I believe we are actively holding ourselves back from higher frequencies in believing we need to do to achieve because ultimately we are already here , and we need only realize it

We can potentially oscillate higher than 8 but I believe gravity and other forces become null and void at these levels (perhaps these levels negate the gravity)

I believe the Universe is just a reflection of how we oscilate with the light passing through us and once we realize we are ultimately simply the light we are reflecting we can either 

A) “ah the power !! Yes all mine !” -> swallows universe into self -> black hole suckage of trapped light reflection


B) acknowledgement and Ascension



  1. Reminded me of the Randy Newman song, “Short People,” of which I am one.

  2. Magnificent, barbara x

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