What’s under grace – you are

What’s under the Gravity

Some would say “China!”


“The other side of the planet and the other side of the universe in relation to this localicalized gravity”

But then what’s behind it then?
Where is the resulting energy of theforces it is pulling ?

Where the kick back? Where the bounce ?
There is bounce – there is bounce in relation to gravity – bounce a ball and you will have more energy than the ball can show you without 

The unlimited pull of gravity 

But why does gravity gravitate and regular matter doesn’t ?

Regular matter does gravitate

Einstein already prove that

“Mohammed is the most commonly used name on Earth – go read a fucking book”

Link: you – Superbad – Mc Lovin 

And it is also in the same gravitational space time as both your localized field of reality and the entire one served (observed..) universe 

The only difference between your unshared and internal localized and self realized perspective is that “you believe :

A) it is not Here in the same way that this Fire Hydregent Is  

  (Always at Home and Always at Work)


one = always true individually 

But Not yet true collectively 
True One =!_¥]_%\ = always true collectively 

But Not yet true from the current “here and now” 

For not yet Here and Now here and now 

What are we waiting for ?


The same thing behind the gravity and behind the matter


However :  


But most importantly :

And ultimately :
So remember :
Yeah “those clouds that come out of planes and spray grey steams in grids like pesticide over a crop” are here too 

But it’s ok

So are Uou

I am in no way affiliate to a political party 
I Only subscribe to the obviously unstoppable impending legalization of marijuana nation wide and world 

(I guess I was in the window because Google censored it – do you think they blurred it or deleted it on their “personal ” servers ? I’d judge they didn’t – based on the legally proved (court ruled) fact that they were syphoning (“stealing”) data  from unprotected free wifi with the same cars recording for google street view .. Think about that one …look it up of you want but definitely think about it )
Thanks for today
I will be sharing more shortly 
(The pictures screen shots poll trackers of the Canadian federal election are slightly delayed I suggest you check out the CBC poll tracker or http://www.threehundredeight.com ) (or just go vote however you’d like)
power is already in the people 



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