Reality and the Mind

God is the Mind

The Mind is all Reality

But we think or forget to admit that it’s all already reality

It is all already actually Self Realized and Actualized

Physically realized reality is but a fraction of Actual Reality

Actual Reality = perceived reality + underlying unperceived reality + not yet evolved perceptions of underlying unperceived reality

Actual reality = Actually Already Reality

All perceptions of the reality are all already Always Real

It is


And Everything

All the Time

For All Time
It’s just Light

It’s Just Us
It’s you

It’s You

It’s U

Hiding Your Thoughts

Hoarded information creates space time

The act of hoarding allows the mirror that is you that is oscillating and reflecting the light between within and without (internal and external)  creates a disconnect for the slice of the light itself

The slice of light is the ego

Do we need him 

Is he real

Given that he currently exists leads me to believe

He has existed for a reason

He is existing for a reason

But will he need to exist for a reason

Once we remember or reliaE he’s just a reason 

A figment of the imagination 

Is the ego hiding the light?

Does the dissolution of ego give you everything with no effort

Does it unlock free energy 

Does it inherently create and Actualized freedom 
The truth is that matter itself is in a soup of all encompassing source

The idea that you need Light for the Sun only further proves the idea that Physical is Real and Important

But you can literally stop caring about only the Light outside and you can go all the way in

All thoughts are physical 

Your thoughts are already here
You are always already thinking this thought

In this way – reality communication (is linear)
But actual all encompassed Now of Planet Earth is all already Self Realized
Hoarding ideas or information creates

A keep more than you give

This creates gravity= the take more than you give force of the universe

The consciousness oscillating the light and creating the space time  can ascend into higher realms
Or can (probably foolishly) hoard into a black hole

The Answer is always Yes

Black Holes don’t seem to be a good time but we do know for sure the exist

What we already know about black holes

-they suck in all other surrounding space time and light at a growing and unstoppable rate (probably stoppable if an ascended species in the universe ascends and reverses it) 

A friend of mine once said his greatest fear was that when you’re forever alone in black space with nothing but your own thoughts

Just you and darkness 

Even you and everyone else’s consciousness in darkness but probably be worse than everyone’s consciousness together in the Light

Imagining an Illuminated World


Self Realization


Free Automated Food

FREE Automated Energy

Free Power

A proper understanding and concept of time 


True Actual Freedom

Or acknowledge gravity and actually ascend 
More tomorrow


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