The travelling of light

The travelling of light creates power

We know this to be true for at least:
Electrical Power

How our neutrons communicate

How the communication from within our species creates Evolution 

How that is literally getting better every day through the internet 

The Interent is thankfully not the i-ternet

Thank god for that one 

The light oscillating creates all that is

The quicker and better the light oscillates between different oscillators is how both those oscillators (the species) and the surrounding universe (their reality) evolve (get better)

It doesn’t always get better

It kind of moves like a wave

But the overhaul overall heights

Keep rising

Keep rising
The Light is always is evolving through Us
We are the light itself

But what are these mirrors

And what are these black holes
Those both have to do with Source

The all encompassing Quantum and Physical Source of it All

Remember that night in the isolation tank ?

Source is Home

source is home 
We are pockets of source swimming in Source
Un realized pockets because

A) still pockets

B) still individual 

C) still not Collectively Realized

D) Still these mirrors 
So doesn’t it all have to do with

The mirrors

The egos?
Why aren’t we ready?

Because gravity still exists and there are still

gravity Gravity still exists

time still exists 


Still exists

Black holes 
Could it be that once a being ascends (levitates at least)

Disproves localized gravity at least

The talks about the gravity and anti gravity begin?

If we truly believe in Ascension

Couldn’t we 

And wouldnt we already be

Quite literally

Walking this baby home?

We are all just walking each other Home

-Ram Dass

Source is home..

Source is Home…

The all encompassing Source of It All

The Source of it All


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