We all have the same absolute time

The underlying thing is moving at the same rate for all of us

  1. It is how you be with the time that matters
  2. Time is the only True Resource
  3. Time is simply the motion of light

I will write a longer piece about time being motion shortly

A relative oscillation to the source which is ever present and always Here 

Therefore you simply need to make peace with the time 
And be here



  1. Reblogged this on Gentle Ignition and commented:
    I am having to think about this post. It somehow seems profound, yet difficult to capture. The sentence that caught my attention is “Therefore you simply need to make peace with the time” which is especially true when we are faced with old age. We are told that there IS no time which is very difficult to comprehend when we SEE the progress of time outside of us and in our physical bodies. There is no one getting old, who hasn’t had to face the truth that, even though the inner light is shining, bits start “dropping off” ! when we get old. Yet, in a strange way, old people become oblivious to THE time (of day) – rushing is not an option.

    1. Amazing – there is time as much as there is motion in relation to gravity – that underlying constant will be there until time and gravity as we know it stops because we’ll have gotten Here

  2. Yes. Einstein gave us the understanding that time is relative to the observer. (Us on our planet). And the first physical proof of gravity bending a star’s light. I love how, in an allegorical way, our attitude exerts unseen forces on how we experience events.

  3. We are thinking along the same lines, yet again. Synchronicity with the post I just finished, before finding yours 😉 I think of time as the 5th dimension, as something which is always present no matter which point we are accessing in the whole. An interesting perspective when you live in an historic place, as we do. Your writing always inspires. Thank you for keeping this site alive. Best wishes, WG An author you might not have yet discovered: David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D

  4. I’m so intrigued with the scientific and metaphysical writings on time – once, I swear, in an experiment, either my car clock and the clock at the office missed time, or time slowed down – made a trip that normally took 38 minutes in 15 and I wasn’t speeding! It has only happened that one time, but I was running late because of accident on the way (65 mile commute) and didn’t work for a very nice boss, and was experimenting with arriving at work, late, calm and cool, and not being flustered, by repeating the mantra, “I have all the time in the world – I will arrive when I do and will give my full days work, once I arrive” – I quit looking at the clock on the dashboard of the car – sang with the radio – proceeded with my drive as normal and when I pulled in to work – wasn’t late – by my car clock – nor when I arrived at my desk to start the work day – I STILL do not know how it came about, but a personal experience that affected me deeply when I couldn’t explain it away through anything that made sense – and so, I firmly believe that time is a construct that allows us to fully experience one moment at a time, instead of the eternal NOW hitting all at once – I may never know what happened, but this is one of the few things, I don’t have to – I just get to be awed about it whenever I think about it (which I hadn’t for some time, thanks for triggering the memory! 🙂

    1. Amazing – I think it may be just a thing socilTing and where we live is where our thoughts are relative to that thing and the thing the thoughts are swimming in is time relative past or future or present

      1. I was always intrigued by Neal Donald Walsche’s description of Time in one of his Conversations with God – (1st or 2nd, I think…read them in the 90’s and can’t remember now) about how all of time is stacked, like papers upon one another – and…and…well – when I read it, made perfect sense, but when I tried to think about it later – It was still hard to grasp – LOL – maybe, just maybe, an understanding of the true nature of how we experience time is a jump in the evolution of our species – but I love following the subject – from a variety of disciplines – 🙂

        1. Yes – gravity and collectively realized planetary state both have to do with time

          1. I watched some documentary on either astrophysics or cosmology, where a gal is working on a theory that perhaps gravity is just a ‘siphoning off’ through the connection between parallel universes – and since I’m not a rocket scientist (or another kind of scientist…LOL) I could not comprehend the little math squiggles written on her calc board – BUT I was intrigued by her theory – thanks for reminding me to look up that book mark and see what’s the latest with that whole story! LOL

    2. I had a similar experience once walking to work and thinking I was going to be late “you’ll be late anyways, might as well buy a breakfast today…” I went and buy a breakfast , ate it while walking to work calmly and arrived on time. I don’t know how this was either … The events that conspired allowed me to have both a breakfast and arrive on time – had i thought I was on time I wouldn’t have gotten breakfast – somehow surrendering makes it better

      1. This is what is so intriguing to me – I do firmly believe our ‘thoughts’ do have a hand in creating our reality – but the watered down version that seems to permeate so much of the still-burgeoning, popular ‘self-help’ genre, seems to lead folks down the path of being delusional and not finding solutions for any human-made issue, because they just ignore it like it didn’t happen – 🙂 But I do love that when I quit thinking, “there’s no time’ and instead think, ‘so what? It’ll be fine and I ain’t going to stress about it” either things get better, OR, in my one experience, time did seem to stop while I traveled through the miles I had ‘lost’ – 🙂

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