Part 2 Preview

Isn’t it cool

How if you zoom into this picture all the way – in real life not on the pixelated screen 

You would both get to stars and planets far far away

As well as into the matter of the surrounding localized space time  itself

Inside the actual matter there is source

The same thing inside of you 

Your thoughts live in source land

You know God damn well that thought land is infinite and unlimited

You know God Damon well (lol god Damon)

That thoughts can be materialized in writing 

But mostly in any creating


1) Thoughts are Physical 

2) they draw from the unlimited and abundancy of the sphere of focus

3) all Life draws off the same Source

4) all localized Life and surrounding space time (matter (and non matter)itself ) – is in the same “physically” self realized state

5) there are more Forces here which many Humans have not yet picked up 

how do I know for sure? You’ll have to trust me on that one

Or I could tell you

Either way

always today

Sergio Life Earth localized universe – now you too – Sergio Localized Reality

Sergio: of course there has been localized realities apart from mine 

I know that for sure by reading history books that exist before my time 

but not  my Time 

The Forever Time is has always been  and will always be Forever Time

But the time that I have realized and the Time that has always been realized since before me 

Have definitely locally happened 
I would say the future localized time in front of me has definitely already happened

But I can’t 

I could die today

So can you

But if I’m right and the earth itself self realizes while I’m still here 

Then I can’t say “future localized reality independent of me”

Anymore For I would 

And the others would 




Do you really want to live forever?

You already are

– except from The Truth You Always Knew Part 2

This is has been and will always be true for any being reading this ever

And who haven’t and will never read this

no matter what happens to Sergio 


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