Time, Light, Underlying and Absolute

There is an underlying thing which we are percieving.

Our picture of reality is based on our perception of this underlying thing.

A constantly limited perception as our perception of it has been evolving with our senses since the beginning of the existence of Life on Earth.

It is how it is, yet our evolution is changing how it can be experienced on our Planet,

A Planet in which we have become the most enlightened and most dominant species.

Speed, motion and relative time only exist in relation to a thing that is infinitely already there.

Yet still there is Gravity.

Even from an Ultimate perspective, there is still Gravity in a Universe that hasn’t ascended.

The Journey towards the Absolute Goal is still unfinished and manifesting, even from the Absolute Perspective.

You are an active agent responsible for the manifesting of that Absoulte.

You are literally it.


The paradigm we are within is limited, especially until we locally self realize.

The understanding that occurs once we self realize goes hand and hand with a much higher awareness and ability to inherently understand truths in which we cannot yet given our currently unrealized state.

This alone should create an awareness of a need to self realize as well as a gradual self realization.

But truthfully we are already gradually self realizing.

We always have been.

In a very real sense, we are unavoidably inching closer to it every day.

I guess then, that there is a lot of truth to the fact that it is how you go about the journey that matters most, as the ultimate destination is always going to be the same.

You are already Here.



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