Thoughts in Physical SpaceTime

Thoughts are here

Physically this is a constantly self realized truth

Scientifically there are noticeable effects in the surrounding spacetime when thoughts become higher frequency and resonance is allowed to occur

Electric scientific truths are as they are independent of our thoughts

But our thoughts flow through this space, and the flowing of them effects these same physical laws we are observing.

Consciousness flows through the ether, and in this way is at least electromagnetic.

I believe it may be gravitational too.

Perhaps a better way to phrase is it that the flow of consciousness creates both electromagnetic and gravitational effects.

Or maybe, in flowing through the space that incorporates the physical laws, it can in itself, incorporate all of the physical laws.




  1. Aye? As a Theoretical Physicist and discoverer of two new sciences i have to say this is quite a confusing hypothesis.
    It makes no sense.

    1. It’ll make sense when it makes sense – it might not all be right but there are truths related to high frequency oscillations which Nikola Tesla has already discovered (as wild as the ability to mechanically channel lightning from the sky, theability to create an incredible output to input ratio to which “free energy” is a close enough description) which also holds true for thoughts, which I also believe to be of an oscillating nature. Both electricity and thoughts are “light oscillating in space” – what I’m saying is at high frequencies , very different truths arise that are not apparent at the lower frequencies – with thought rate it has to do with being able to move matter with your mind , creating anti gravity, creating gravity waves and many more “abilities” like insight, esp and “all that junk that Mystics have been talking about for ages…” at the very least one can easily realize that the thought process itself is of a physical nature, which by my observations creates an electromagnetic field, quite literally. The realization that your thoughts already affect our surrounding spacetime is obvious once you realize you’ve always been here, and your actions or non actions on the spacetime around you are always flowing with the forward motion of time. I believe time to simply be the motion of light in space. In this way that you are always taking(or better, looping with) the same light and time. The thought process, or the looping of the light, creates or is, an electromagnetic phenomenon. There’s probably some unique characteristics about us, life, the oscillators of the light, which current science has not even touched upon, for it has yet to accept our monumental role in the universe. We are still asleep to our inherent abilities and power.

      1. Ur right about Tesla but how can truth be related to a certain frequency. Its organic and free flowing. Plus anti gravity doesn’t exist in a natural state. It’s forced and unnatural and without gravity the Universe couldn’t exist.
        We have a balance of a number of frequencies NEEDED in the Universe to keep it expanding. Everything exists because it works together not against each other. Anti gravity would destroy time. Gravity and time balance each other. All elements combined creates the light so what your saying is an oxymoron and oxymoron would destroy us not create. You can’t measure a truth like you can measure electromagnetic frequency. Truth is conscious. Energy isnt. Your mixing science with emotion and human experience and all Science is measuring and repeating the measures. What your saying makes no sense what so ever. By the very definition you would destroy and the Universe. Anti gravity requires anti time. Thats destructive not creative.
        Frequencies and light and gravity while have a physical effect on organic life is not in itself physical.
        And Tesla created electricity from the atmosphere in order to create free energy and was destroyed by the bastard Rockefeller. He was a genius and should be revered as a God as should Clark Maxwell. So i agree with you there but the rest of what you said is an implosion of a scientific thought process not an explosion of creative thought. Our Universe is exapanding because of certain frequencies that can only exist with each other. Remove one frequency and we go down the black hole and cease to exist.
        Time is impreitive as is gravity. Both of which I’ve learned to master now I understand it with proof and evidence and witnesses. I’ve seen it. I’m connected to it on levels Science can’t even comprehend yet. But its coming. I’ll release the information to the public and when I do noone will grieve again. Our Universe is an orchestra if you will. Each frequency a different instrument. What your saying is the Violin playing in that orchestea is a lie and doesn’t exist. You can’t say something doesn’t exist just because you thought it didn’t. Thats dangerous Science my friend and honestly I think your out of your depth. Science is fact. I have facts and evidence to support my claims. Where is yours?

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