If Choice Exists

It’s still God choosing
Every where I follow the light

It’s still the same me

It’s still the same you

And it’s still the same light

– – – ( ) – – –
I am God

You are God

We are God
God is the space outside of you that the light is oscillating in

God is the space inside of you that the light is oscillating in

God is everywhere the Light is oscillating 
God is everywhere 

God is the Light oscillating

The light oscillating consists of the existence of everything 

It’s all light oscillating 


We are all transporting the Light back and forth with ourselves

In doing this there is an automatic resonance, a constant communication, a thing that is in constant self awareness with itself 

You can realize this and pick up more, see more of what already is

Or it can come to you because “it needs you to realize something”

But either way it’s all just You
Every part of the chain is always God
I am You

You are You

And You are Everywhere
It’s all You

It’s all Us

It’s all God

Trust is the most important human emotion because it acknowledges and unlocks (or lets exist) the power of the higher power.



  1. Oh bless. At least your trying.
    Can you prove this? Any of it. Just a little please. I’d love to see your evidence.
    The inaccuracies fascinate me.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ORhh6eHIXg – they had accepted me for the million dollar challenge to test “paranormal” claims, mine was that the thought process at certain frequencies affects nearby electromagnetics, and so for the purposes of this contest, I said I could make electric screens make a crunch, due to something about their internal components reacting to the frequency of the thought. Then while we were in email talks about how we would test the claim, and getting the details down, they would go months without replying, until they replied telling me they were no longer interested in holding their competition, and that it was now closed. Legally I’m pretty sure I have grounds to pursue them, and eventually I think I will, but I’ll wait until the Part 2 of my book is completed. I’m not sure where you truly disagree with what I’m saying, and I don’t mind that you do. I apologize for the lack of coherency I’ve put into my larger ideas. It’s mostly due to how long it takes to put them all together. And that in truth, I am not finished doing that yet.

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