You Are Your Thoughts But There’s More

“You are not your thoughts!” my mom said.

“Oh ya?” my brother in law said skeptically. “How is that?”

“Well…Yes… it’s difficult to explain…” she replied.


This moment popped into my head tonight while I was walking in the street.

As I started taking in more of the space around me, I realized how obvious it was that physically, I was wholly my thoughts.


Expand your sphere of awareness and so does the Space-Time you are influencing and observing.

You may realize this or you may not, but it is a self evident truth. 


I think Echkart was right in that I am also a lot more than my thoughts.

There is always a lot more to you than what you are currently thinking about.

Thoughts beyond your current sphere of focus.


There are thoughts I’ve never taken in, places I’ve never observed, frequencies I’ve never reached.

But when I do, I’ll always be thinking them, and I’ll always be attached to the thing which is letting me think them.


Being an individual oscillator in a sea of others, making up the same You in the same space, furthers the realization that choice and all actions are thus always Life, choosing through you.

That we are the same player in the same game with ourselves.

Trying to create the freedom we are here to create.


Accepting this has consequences.

It makes you aware of the current limitations in a world which you’ve now realized is limitless.


I suppose for this point in, it’s best to stand by what you know is true, and let the world catch up.

They will respond and this process is part of the grander process too.

Ultimately, the destination is all of ours.


Thoughts I wanted to share this evening.


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