The Drama of Control

we are ourselves

we are in control of our bodies

i can direct my hand to move as it wishes, i can walk and be as i wish


i have to go to a job and do the things that are required of me

at this job there is a manager who monitors and directs me

he has a manager who does the same to him

above them all is a small group of people with a lot of money


they are just as here as i am


i am being controlled

and yet

so are they



We are in a system that runs on control, and we are all being controlled and limited until self realized freedom

which requires all of us, even those at the top of the pyramid structure we find ourselves in


in truth once you realize this you can do as you please

but this breaks down once you realize that you are here with everyone else

who is fighting or inhabiting this same conflict

and that our true goal will be missed until we realize we’re in it together



can we get to freedom with control?

if we’re only controlling ourselves, i suppose a higher power, a presence of the higher power, a realization that we are the higher power, will unlock this higher power into realization, and some how, we’ll be free and in control of ourselves.



One comment

  1. I read once about a guy who knew he did his day job just to support his real work, which was creating art out of metal. This seemed to give him peace on the control thing.

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