Always The Light Travelling

Gravity and Light

control Life


We have gravity in us

in so much as being alive, and here


also, being gravitational attracts you to other gravitational things


some people walk around loudly in a room to show power, or to feel power


but you can also attain the power simply using your thoughts

because thoughts are physical

and your thoughts are here





there is something about being Alive

there is something about Gravity

and there is something about Light



and there is something about thoughts travelling within the same space time


and them all being real


and that they are free



gravitation though, is not “freeing”

but it is here too


it is trapped light


consumed by taking in of existence


stored reality


in as much as your current, right now reality is real,


your past is also really here


you can access it using your thoughts

you can access it all here, using your thoughts


as the quality of the frequency you are interacting with rises,

your sphere of awareness of your external reality rises,


there is entrainment,

the electromagnetic fact of oscillators (in communication or influence of each other)

automatically entraining those around to resonate at a higher frequency

the higher frequency wins is what im saying

because its better


it happens naturally and cannot be forced


it requires only letting go to how it already is


that’s the way i see it today


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