Always a Product of Source

Im Not God Original.jpg


I am not God
But I communicate to him
We all do

Your interaction with Source
Is always a product
of you
and You

Ultimately what I was trying to say was that the Source we’re in, both internally and externally, is here

in this same here

Source Land – all that is – God

you – in communnication or loop with God / Source Land

that your interaction with it is always a unique biproduct of you

(to get technical you could say it’s due to your unique point in space and time

that boils down to having a unique set of genes, but especially due to the point from which you’ve taken in your entire existence, has always been a unique point of source

these take ins constitute to who you are, much more than your gene pool

Your gene pool is specifics,

The fact that you are a point of Source taking in Source is Universal

In this way you are a Black Hole

that has not yet self realized

And an Enlightened Light Being

that has not yet self realized


actually I believe it as all simply Light Oscillating in different ways. A Black Hole is an oscillation of light that has turned into or flowed itself so to speak
It has been my continuous hypothesis that some if not all of the black holes we see are species (oscillators of light) which came to this understanding, and failed to ascend and descended

the light oscillating can be both gravitational or anti gravitational

there may actually be no limit to our potential here

the only limiting factor may very well be “you don’t believe it enough”

to jump into this

one must have the understanding that

thoughts are physical

thoughts are here

your ability to do anything happens with thought

your ability to do anything constitutes of your mind oscillating at different frequencies

all frequencies are readily available

there are frequencies which create “paranormal” or “supernatural” (but all very natural, only a product of different seldom attained frequencies) such as creating tangible affects / disturbances in physical space, which can go as far as “you can move this with your mind” “you can fly” “you can be anywhere at anytime” and every super power our collective consciousness has ever thought of
ultimately the most important take aways are:

You are always in communication with God or Source

In this way, you can never not be a by product of God or Source
Also, Source or God can never not be a by product of you

(and your perspective and person are super unique and important)

(and we’re already here, we’ve always been, and it’s just us)



  1. Woohoo! Fabulously filled with aahhaa moments of perspectives I’ve not considered! I actually took notes–your black hole hypothesis–your frequency take on “super natural abilities”. I am so happy this is my first “food” this morning–thanks so much!

  2. Exactly. Thank you.

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