Relative Realizations

It is all moving much faster than we realize.
A tremendous amount of vibrations are going through the earth every moment.

We are connected to all through the vibrations.
If you become aware of something, you instantly communicate and oscillate with it, simply in your being aware of it.

Focus = Communication

Many vibrations can pass through us, and it seems as though if you are not aware of them, they have no effect on you.

It’s more likely that the subconscious absorbs it but doesn’t let the conscious self know about it.

In this way the conscious self has only the illusion of being limited.

Since the subconscious dictates the actions of the conscious the ignorance is only an illusion of the conscious mind.

Truthfully we know all,

And there will be even more to know tomorrow.



  1. Thank you and keep up the good work. Many blessings upon you!

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