A Piece of God

It’s All God


Think of your worst enemy.

They are God.


Think of a family gathering. It’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, and the whole family is together.

All those characters with all those antics.

All God.


Think of all your friends.

All God.


People you have met. People you haven’t met.

All God.


Everyone on the morning commute. Your coworkers. The news anchor. The man selling hotdogs on the street.

All God.


Every teacher you’ve ever had.

All God.


All the people that are so different from you.

All the religions and cultures that are different from yours.

All God.


Keep extending.

People you haven’t ever thought of.

People on a crowded train in India.

A homeless man sitting on the sidewalk in Peru.

Someone walking their dog in Russia.

A poor factory worker in China.


Keep going.

Keep going all the way, anywhere, and it’s still always all God.


It’s still always all Us.


I thought of this deeply in bed last night.

How any embarrasement or fear of what others will think dissolves when you remember that we are this collective unit.

That we are much bigger than any group you’ve ever been physically in the presence of.

That collectively, we are the Truth.

That your point of view is a valid piece.


A piece of God.



  1. “Knock knock!”

    “Who’s there?”

    “It’s you my dear.”

    “Dear God..!”

  2. I agree that we are all one collective unit. We can trace ourselves all back. I’m not a believer of god, but I do believe in the human race. And like you said…WE are the truth.

    I’m now also thinking about that guy selling hot dogs on the street. I’m here in NY, the home of the best “dirty water dogs”.

    1. Hot dogs are amazing when you’re really craving them , usually after drinking a little 😉

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