Time is trippy

It’s a trip

It’s constantly flowing forward

How is it relative?

because you are travelling within it

your light is travelling at its own rate through its own space 

your speed is up to you 

Your limit is the speed at which the thing itself is flowing at

Einstien defines this as the Speed of Light
I think Einstien’s science was correct but science is miles away from accepting humans and life as co creators of reality

Until that is realized science is incomplete 
(The issue I have there is I oscillate with the light I encounter and interact with, and that rate is up to my own relative rate…
The science of vibrations resonance and time here make one realize we’re all here

But it also leads you to Tesla’s obscure but true scientific realizations about resonance and vibrations relating to infinite resonant growth

Or that certain tuning makes other physical objects in the room begin to oscilate in unison 

Tesla saw this with objects in his lab (say made of a certain metal) begin to hum in tune with the high frequency (really fast vibrations in space) electromagnetic (electricity) oscilation he was doing

He was seeing how fast he could go with these currents and his realization was the faster he went the more power he got 

The thing you oscilate inside is the thing you gain power from

That there is more power than you need here

It is infinite in that it is constantly in motion

It is infinite until it is not
(When it ends

It ends

Motion stops

Time stops

It’s done

At that point 

It won’t be infinite anymore 

Not from this universal point of view

But we probably ascend and go onto another place there 
Until then, were already walking in the land that is constantly flowing to that day and that place

So if we’re moving towards a land of freedom

And we’re unstoppable flowing to that land 

Aren’t we already free ?

(We’re free)
From the deep realization of the time and gravity flowing , you are free in this moment

You are as free as the thing flowing forward into everything that is 

Is electricity just a by-product of the surrounding medium ,  just by moving quickly of the oscillation of space ?


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