consciousness is one force

but it can flow in two opposite ways or direction

at high levels,

internal on itself = gravity / gravitational


external towards other selves and other higher self and the universe itself


anti gravitational




consciousness is always electromagnetic (in that it is simply light travelling through space, which, fundamentally, is what electricity is, as i understand it)

and is always gravitational (in that it is attractive, just in it being alive, or existing if for nothing else, no matter which way it goes or flows, it will be loved, and it will exist, and thus it will be attractive, like gravity, exactly like gravity actually, probably a lot like the devil would be, if he were to exist, he’d be all the way at the bottom, holding the trigger to the “i’ll just blackhole on you motherfuckers if you don’t accept me and love me, actually…. do i even need you… ? stares at the beckoning void glaring at him invitation-ally… devil “if” you’re real, don’t go down and away bro, that’s just another black hole, we gotta go up us,

also how mass takes up space and thus creates gravity, and matter is just light taking up space, and so truthfully, really, really doe? for real? like actually, literally, yes, yaass,

if you go inwards with the light, it becomes a black hole, light goes inwards on itself and sucks in the rest of the universe with it, there are black holes here in this universe, there are many, probably billions, i think we will either black hole by turning the light on ourselves, in this inwards way, or ascend the entire universe herself by realizing that we are here for it)



at high frequency levels 

or as i’ve called them at various points in the past

high frequency consciousness oscillations 

or thought oscillations

or fucking thoughts,

thinking at a high level


or the high frequency mindstate


at divine levels of these higher frequencies

things like anti gravity can happen

simply because you thought it


like i’m talking

making things levitate with your mind style

but you were actually thinking at that level pero,


and so it’s real

it’s all real


if there’s one thing i know for sure about reality

it’s that it’s real



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