Arctic Soldier

I met him at starbucks


“I was supposed to be picking blue berries today… but…


If I tell you why I didn’t go… you’ll think I’m crazy…” he said to the cashier.


I interrupted and said “Just say what you wanna say, people will think you’re crazy anyways ;)”


What I was really thinking was probably closer to:

Fuck that man. Who cares. Just say what you wanna say.


but we’re at star bucks here.


So that turns him on to me and he starts telling me all kinds of shit.


Suddenly he used to fight in some war in Russia.


Then he shows me a real wound on his rib cage.


“What’s that? ” I say

*names some type of gun or some type of bullet*


“wow… lol… how did that feel? 🙂 “


warm and fuzzy he says with a smile


fast forward, he says something about how he used to work for population control

then he keeps rambling


then i say something like


you gotta slow down here, you’re overloading my brain… the part of population control got me interested, but we’d have to speak about it another time… not today… it’s too early for this…


“what do you mean too early?” he says, referencing that it’s like 4 or 5 pm


i work nights

i say….




vancouver general hospital


i answer the phones and page the doctors


ill be at your hospital soon he says


so at this point i don’t know who the fuck this guy is and how much of what he’s saying will make any sense,


but we did start this whole thing because i said


i believe in mental handicaps and stuff

but not in CRAZY


CRAZY is bullshit

It just means someone doesn’t understand you

And then he said that what’s crazy changes with time, and about how if his grandfather was still alive, the shit he sees today, he would say

he would shoot someone i say

he would call THIS CRAZY he said



and now this guys telling me he’ll be at my hospital so i figure he’s got some mental issues

but so do i

who the fuck doesn’t

we use our minds every fucking second of every fucking day


obviously we’re going to have issues sometimes

you stub your toe don’t you

you break your arm

you burn your hand

you’re going to have issues with your mind


because your mind is where you are

we are living in the mind


there are issues as fuck here




so just about when i’m thinking maybe i should take this guy with a grain of salt


he says something about his half wolf dog he has outside lol


and he walks outside

and there’s the biggest bear white dog thing i’ve seen in a while

a bear fluff half husky half wolf


he said it was half arctic wolf


here is an arctic wolf



google it for better pictures


this guy’s dog kind of looked like this



but bigger

more fluffy

and a bigger more stupid dog face




arctic-wolf-hunting-1.jpghere’s a picture of a motherfucker who just killed one for hunting

hope he eats it, or turns it into more fur for his 2nd canada goose jacket

maybe someone will hunt this guy one day and wear him



so we’re parting ways, me and the mental population controlling ex russian soldier (but he was def canadian not russian)


and then some asians (and you can’t tell if they’re asian tourists or they’ve been canadian for 30 years in vancouver)


they start staring at this big dog

so i say


it’s his… he says he’s been an army dog with him…


that’s what he had told me before


and these asians are eating it up

oh wow! really an army dog??


and now this homeless man who got shot in the ribs and some how has a wolf dog


or a population controlling ex canadian war vet with a husky wolf war dog


starts telling them this dog’s been off planes with him, and they put a parachute on the dog


and then the asians are like not buying it anymore walk away


and then i’m like ok man.. i gotta go

what’s your name again? i ask… he didn’t want to tell me earlier…


*moment of silence*


ok i’m sergio and i’ll call you artic soldier 😉


works for me he said…


i’m sure we’ll see each other again..




and then i’m at work today, and i go on imgur

and one of the first pics i click is this


YcTVwGn.jpgwas that motherfucker telling the truth?


so i figured i owed it to all this to at least write this story


love, sergio


One comment

  1. pert flucked up hunter dude! …some freikin soldier 😦 …wtf huh….is bout it!……

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