was talking to a cabbie


about different things


and then i asked him where was he born


and he said india


i asked him when did he come here


he said about 30 years ago


i said india is a special place


they invented yoga and meditation practically

they’re super spiritual

they’re super connected


they’re on a different plane

but god damn

there are so many of them


have you seen those pictures with the guys on the trains?


i mean damn….


hitler would have loved that kind of efficiency on his trains

too soon? obviously not

i mean he wasn’t inefficient

i think he cleaned up a good 5 mill

5 mill man… wtf


and he was life

he was god

he was alive

something told him to do that

and he did it

thank fucking god we’re all alive

thank god we’re so close to peace

thank god we’re moving towards it

thank god we’ve made it this far


and then i asked the indian how many people in india? a billi?


and he said more

and i said wow more than a billi in india too? not just china?


and today i looked it up


and god






1.25 billi as of 3 years ago man


cmoooon maaayne


that like geographical area, between india and china and including those 2 countries has like more than 2.5 billi

which is more than 30% of every freaking currently alive human


those 2 countries are fucking majority lol like they would always win any votes if they’d combine, because the rest of us wouldn’t be able to see eye to eye to counter them anyways, because we’d need everyone BUT india and china to come together to somehow beat their votes


if we all are equal and every person counts

india and china are winning lol




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