ttyak update – oct 18 2016

ttyak logo cover oct 18 2016 wide with date.png

hello lovelies


here is the newest update to the ttyak book of love and life and everything in between

hint: i noticed that for some reason the wasn’t working for some people on some devices


here is the long link that should always work:

(also manually typing the link your address bar seemed to work as well)


love you and there will be more and more updates until about xmas, at which point it will likely be finalized and printed


and maybe it’ll still be free for a little while longer (digital version that is) just because why the hell not

never wrote this to make money though i hope i make billions in my life

but the point of this and any creation really is to get into other minds

to validate your ideas by seeing them through, and to communicate them to as many other “yous” as possible


love you and see you soon xo




(ps: if you read the oct 8 2016 version, this version includes that, and then has the newer content added after it, with a nice updated cover page where the new content begins 🙂


)  <— lol stupid punctuation rules //


who needs them


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