Being gay

“See 9/10 niggas ain’t shitAnd 1/5 niggas sucked a dick”
-Lil Kim in a Biggie song called “Another” on the Album Life After Death
Which biggie probably wrote some

Or all the lyrics too 
And biggie probably sucked a dick too
Cause he has lines like:
“You look so good I’d suck on your daddy’s dick”
And “I’d fuck Ru Paul (a tranny) before I’d fuck them ugly ass Escape bitches”
Nothing wrong with the 1/5 (probably higher) amount of guys who suck dick and or get their dicks sucked (I mean if one in 5 is sucking d then 2/5 are either sucking or getting a d sucked by another guy … then the other 3 are at least into some quasi weird shit the kind that you the person reading this is into you kinky mofo don’t tell me I don’t want to know…)
So yeah he probably sucked a d
I met a guy at a bar recently who said he knows someone who fucked Michael Tyson or gor fucked by Tyson which is more believable but point is boy said tysons gay and that’s cool and also unsurprising 
There are still many stigmas in our time of today December 2016 and there will be still some but less in 2017 and then even less in 2018 and one day maybe in 2019 we’ll  
the day where we’re all free and loving and peaceful
Maybe called
World Peace Day
But not like “hey let’s make April 20th Weed Day”
And “let’s make October 8th World Peace Day” … yay ๐Ÿ˜Š 
Now it’s oct 9 and everyone still signs up for the military 

Goes to war

For no reason apart from make powerful people more powerful

Make rich people more ๐Ÿ’ฐ ๐Ÿ’ฐ money ๐Ÿ’ฐ ๐Ÿ’ฐ 
I mean the day in which there will be Peace
That day will be so big we will likely change our species names from Humans to whatever our highly evolved minds collectively choose on that collective day
I guess we can call it True Peace Day

Peace means everyone everywhere always and foreveR

True Freedom 
true Peace is automatically an Everyone Kind of a thing  
So if you ask me we should choose Gods that 

Cause we already are because we create and control things with our minds like our bodies and this post and this Facebook and the device you’re reading this on
Also if you ask me what day I’ll say it’ll be Oct 8 2088 and I’ll be 100 and 1 days old and I’ll be alive
Obviously that’s not Entirely up to me

You’re here too aren’t you

So the day that we realize it’s everyone

(It’s definitely me and it’s definitely you the person reading this)(we know that much for sure right?)(it’s also Probably everyone that ever lived and that will live and that is alive) (most likely) 

Oh hey what’s up bro it’s everyone k chill 

Obviously really let’s go kill people or watch people die on the news or hear about how we’re going to kill people

In other countries today 
So if you ask me it’ll be in ….
2888 but most likely 2088 but definitely not 2017 but maybe 2018 but probably not 2019 but 99% sure it’s 2020 but every thing in hindsight is 20/20 so it’ll prob be 2021 
You can find me and add me on Facebook by searching for sergio gentile in Vancouver and hitting the face with the blue background (as of December 2016)



  1. 3 sentences in, I was gonna respond in defense of biggie’s lyricism (even though I am more of a pac guy)… midway through, I was convinced you wrote, and I read, this on two separate April 20th’s, several years apart….

    …by the end, though, it’s hard not to be on the side of World Peace Day!

    But the second it doesn’t last…. i.e. later that year…. I vote we introduce another 4.20, not because I’m into mary, but because she tends to surround herself with pacifists!

    Happy New Year to you and yours pawtna!

    1. Yes sir โค๏ธ peace is where it’s at

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