Remembering That It’s Everyone

I’ve definitely said this before, but it came to me today.

The answer is that it’s everyone and that we’re here.

When we reach heaven on earth, it will be everyone’s heaven.

I believe that we’re edging closer to world peace (aka collective enlightenment / the utopia / zion) every day, and I believe we’ll legitimately reach it in less than 100 years.

We’re already here, but we haven’t realized it collectively.

Perhaps many have, but realizing it isn’t enough. We must bring it into being. And in doing so, our understanding of what we think we realized will continue to grow, becoming more authentic and real.

I think the simple realization that we’re already here, in the land where we’ll realize our oneness and our freedom gives you a very peaceful state of mind on our situation.

Every conversation, good and bad, every laugh, every moment, every breathe that you and everyone else experiences is a collective part of the continuous link that is leading us home.

We’re weaving a tapestry of moments and experiences towards our complete understanding of ourselves and our present state.

Anyways, I wanted to share that I feel overwhelmed sometimes, thinking about all this, but when I remembered that it’s literally everyone’s place as I did today, I felt peace.

Like, everyone’s perspective matters, and everyone is helping to bring that realization, and when we realize it, we’ll realize it together, and it will be everyone’s realization.

It’s literally our place.

Here’s to our future celebration.

Love, Sergio

Everyone’s You and we’re already in Heaven.



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