Flow and Moving Toward Your Higher Self

Being stagnant and living in your thoughts without action will never get you closer to where you need to be.

It is much more preferable to get going and moving, so that new ideas and experiences can come to you.

Hopefully, during your movements, you can reach a state of a flow.

Flow is magic, as love and presence radiate through your being, and work is completed near effortlessly.

It is important though, to ask yourself if you are doing what you truly should be doing.

Doing for the sake of doing is better than doing nothing at all, as action in general will stimulate your mind and bring you new experiences, but ultimately, we must try to do the important thingswhich will increase a level on our life path, and bring us closer to our higher self.

I think we all know what we need to do, but these “authentic self growing steps” are always the most difficult for us.

We can flow as much as we want at our current level, but only facing our ‘mission critical to-dos” and passing through them will bring us to our next level.

Here’s to climbing up a step on your path and tackling that lingering to-do today.

You can do it ! 🙂


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