At least the devil

Is true to himself

At least he gets what he wants

He lies to everyone else but at least he isn’t in denial of himself

To himself he is true

He’s not a pussy basically

He’s no coward

He’s shaken hands with his person long ago

He knows who he is and sees it through

We judge him but he laughs at that

He knows we are One

He been knew

And he knows he is the most high on this plane until the One comes and makes peace

The One will have to conquer him

He will only submit to One who truly understands it is all for God and One whose power exceeds his own

And he’s on auto kill mode until he finds the One he cannot kill

He is instinctually on kill eat rape dominate mode until he meets a true match

A worthy challenger

One who wants to take the reigns

For as long as there is power and a system there will be one true power head

And he will remain there

Until the One he cannot kill, eat or rape makes Peace with Himself.

He knows love is the answer too but he’s willing to kill eat and rape in this paradigm to keep his position at the top of this paradigm until the love prevails

To which he will bow down happily, probably relieved that what he was fighting for finally came true

He’s the greatest liar that ever lived

But at least he’s honest

At least he lives his truth

At least he fulfills his person and does his job

That’s a lot more that can be said for most of us

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