Finding Power

I’m still currently homeless

Still being called to make the leap

Still right on the edge

Still haven’t faced it


Accepted it

Go up forever and never look back

… so I’m in the process of writing a post about how the Mind being One and in constant awareness of itself as well as psychic abilities and being able to move things with your mind is related to the concept of the Ether in electromagnetism and light, the ether being a medium that electromagnetic radiation (light, radio waves etc) needs to propagate (travel) much like sound needs a medium to travel (air, water, can’t happen in space because no molecules) … I think that light IS the vibration of the ether and the mind of god is that… it’ll make sense when I finish the proper post…

Anyways I’m in Reno now, I had been in San Francisco for the past 2 years… I’ve only been here a few days…

While looking for a place to charge my phone so I can finish the mind/ether post, I asked another homeless man where a good public outlet is…

I ended up on the lawn of a church in a quiet area

What do you think the universe / the one mind of god/ the universal consciousness / god is trying to say?

“I am the power, the only power you need and need to concern yourself with is me… but here’s some electricity if you still want to write blog posts…”

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