Part 1 of A Trilogy That May Enlighten You

The Truth You Always Knew

Part 1 – The Divine Version

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The Truth You Always Knew is a book about finding enlightenment, unlocking your true potential and living the life of your dreams.

I’m happy to share some ideas and passages with you all on this blog, and hopefully we’ll start some insightful conversation along the way.

I never thought I would write a book. These ideas just came to me and wouldn’t go away.

The book was begging to be let out, and so I set it free.

My one hope is that this book can inspire positive change, so that people wake up, and begin to consciously live their lives.

Truly Yours,


Dreams are only dreams if you don’t believe them.

Because dreams become real when you live them.

The Truth You Always Knew

Currently Coming Out

Book Opening The Truth You Always Knew Part 1 The Divine Version



  1. Dear Sergio, first excuse my English. The errors are the fault of google translate … I’m from Barcelona. I am interested in your writing and your most poetic and alternative pages. I tried to write to make a purchase but do not know what your email. You can answer here or email that I think anyway it comes. Thanks for making me smile and make me think. And other things … Hugs from Barcelona, Mia.

  2. Thank you kindly for following NinjaRadio! (I know it was a long time ago).

  3. Hi, I was just wondering what happened to your recent post about Tesla. I came back to comment on it but it seems to have vanished

    I hope that you took it down and that it wasn’t taken down for you, if you know what I mean.

    All the best.

    1. I took it down to edit – if ever “it was taken down for me” we would be living in a very concerning state – the “internet defence league” aka people who understand the importance of free and open communication would never allow that to happen – no worries – I think we’re beyond the point of worry in those terms – or close to it

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