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god level changes all the rules

i was thinking yesterday after having read old posts on this blog that although there is massive and profound truth in my earlier insights the level where you authentically reach “god” (and he’s potentially infinite, and there is a whole new world of consciousness, understanding and being within him…) but as soon as you touch […]

why simulation theory is logically flawed

Simulation theory is the theory that supposes that we might be living in a simulated reality because “one day computers will be so good, they will be able to generate a virtual reality that is indistinguishable from our actual reality, and since life and the universe are so big and old, there’s definitely another species […]

choice, synchronicities and honesty

really it’s all the same thing and the answer that will set you free is always   yes yes is the answer

it is always yes or no

up or down towards or away fight and run or face and pass through denial or acceptance love or fear together or alone it is always the same one thing, one place, one person we either avoid or accept with love here, now and you, waiting and calling on you forever until you are ready […]

I love

This platform and the truth it allows me to express A few updates on where I am today: More than ever I am seriously approaching being and expressing my highest truth of being the one and living God’s path of being the realization of oneness, of living the realization of heaven on earth, of being […]

you can move

in either fear or love but when you realize you’re already here and here anyways and either way the love becomes more like “yeah i should do that one / that way” it’s still always scary the fear never goes away until there’s nothing left to do the fear might just be space you haven’t […]


Matter so much They change your reality perception And what you navigate towards Love is higher