Nikola Tesla has said That sometimes when things oscillate back and forth in space they make other things in the surrounding space oscillate in unison with them   I think the rule is that the higher frequency wins You could also say that the most powerful frequency wins, but higher frequencies are more powerful by […]

You can follow me and see my page here: I share smaller quick snippets of thoughts here that don’t necessarily deserve a wordpress article Also Kanye West recently rejoined and he’s been inspiring me a lot He reminds me of the importance of being yourself and pushing fear in reaching for new ideas that […]

everything was hustled passed through gates   only to have realized the door was always open

the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows truth you are everything and i am you   he who hides below the low in his gravitational hut and he who lives beyond the stars from his all almighty spot   i am always all of you and every part of you and […]

“You are God; walking around this planet in the physical expression of a human body.” Could not agree more. From a very inspirational and in line with my current vibration piece I read today which can be found here: “Your Divine, Free Will is totally respected and totally supported 100% of the time!”   […]

writing is nice it helps me get out core truth without being loud…   privacy is a limiter for me. i realize i understand much of my path and my “to-dos” privately in my own mind, and then it all gets very different on the other side.   the reality of actually living my to-do’s […]

but it’s just a bunch of humans under the sun   just life under the sun   we could go up infinitely there’s literally no limit to going up / looking up / resonating up / aiming up but it’s god damn scary and that’s the work that’s the fear we must overcome   the […]