hello lovelies   here is the newest update to the ttyak book of love and life and everything in between   http://bit.ly/ttyakoct18 hint: i noticed that for some reason the bit.ly wasn’t working for some people on some devices   here is the long link that should always work: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9O0AroNsXaPNjNnTlhBZ0NHMHM (also manually typing the bit.ly […]

just like you

http://bit.ly/ttyakoct8 Please let me know if u need a google account or what not to read this or if it was easy to download and read in the comments Remember: it will be continually updated for the next 1-2 months at least , and at one point within the next few months it will also […]

all of these things fall under the same thing     internet   works both ways   universe   works both ways electromagnetic field constantly oscillating   in all directions   back and forth   looping   mind   reality   thoughts   light   communication     thoughts travelling through the universe     […]

catch something that is unlimited and never ending?   it’s already here that’s the first thing to realize   the mind is already here the mind is infinite the universe is already here the universe is infinite we are all points of source within source   no matter which way you oscillate you are always […]