He’s doing this through everyone 

Hesvdoing this through everyone 

Holding things in And lying bitch If we let go  we grow Uh oh No joke If we’re true It’s you release all that crap  and flow Sergio ❤️😁

“See 9/10 niggas ain’t shitAnd 1/5 niggas sucked a dick” -Lil Kim in a Biggie song called “Another” on the Album Life After Death Which biggie probably wrote some Or all the lyrics too  And biggie probably sucked a dick too Cause he has lines like: “You look so good I’d suck on your daddy’s […]

Too much is not enough In that if you put too much It’s just as bad as not enough Also In that I want it all limits are Relative When it’s already infinte and free Don’t blame me If you can’t see 💖☮️ Light travelling in space  Big player  Heavy baby Freddie cranky baby  Granny’s […]

OK   sorry for the caps   just wanted to say i love you and see you soon

together 🙂 together either way but let’s go up