The real common tidbit Of  it’s always all here, right in front of you Is sort of wrong Because it’s always a lot more than what is here Or wherever you are at any given moment The truth is  It’s where it all is It’s not just you It’s absolutely fucking everything 

It’s so much bigger than Life on Earth But  Life on Earth Is what we are


I met him at starbucks   “I was supposed to be picking blue berries today… but…   If I tell you why I didn’t go… you’ll think I’m crazy…” he said to the cashier.   I interrupted and said “Just say what you wanna say, people will think you’re crazy anyways ;)”   What I […]

But I learnt that  Women can be cold as hell Because of the insecurities And vulnerability That they have

There is definitely a difference Between what is true And what is communicated And I guess that’s where  Privacy Lies

water is the most amazing thing in the world that’s all for now


but it can flow in two opposite ways or direction at high levels, internal on itself = gravity / gravitational while external towards other selves and other higher self and the universeĀ itself = anti gravitational or luminous   consciousness is always electromagnetic (in that it is simply light travelling through space, which, fundamentally, is what […]