Always oscillating with your own point in space Your own point in Source   The same Source we all oscillate into Communicating to the same Higher Being we are all communicating too   But still, from your own unique point in space From your own unique point in Source

It is all moving much faster than we realize. A tremendous amount of vibrations are going through the earth every moment. We are connected to all through the vibrations. If you become aware of something, you instantly communicate and oscillate with it, simply in your being aware of it. Focus = Communication Many vibrations can […]

Remembering that it’s everyone Everywhere All the time

By following your truth you elevate your condition and in turn, the condition of those around you.

god can always say i did that   he’s doing everything he’s doing you   i was listening to the rain song by led zeppelin┬á and i was thinking how you might feel if you could listen to it and say like “you hear that there, i did that …”   and then i laughed […]

The thing that drives you Is the same thing that drives me Ultimately we may be the same exact thing , experiencing this through´╗┐ different perspectives 

The oscillator can always  reach different areas of space and time by visiting with your thoughts. Who or what you resonate with will always be 8ou There are living oscillators but even non organic matter resonates back. It is all oscillating with the light. Love , Sergio 


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