This platform and the truth it allows me to express A few updates on where I am today: More than ever I am seriously approaching being and expressing my highest truth of being the one and living God’s path of being the realization of oneness, of living the realization of heaven on earth, of being […]

in either fear or love but when you realize you’re already here and here anyways and either way the love becomes more like “yeah i should do that one / that way” it’s still always scary the fear never goes away until there’s nothing left to do the fear might just be space you haven’t […]

Matter so much They change your reality perception And what you navigate towards Love is higher

Then you should use that power and go for it, she said She’s amazing

Ha! Psych! You’re stuck here forever 😜

a friend once told me that you can look at the reality of your life and just view it from the good point make it good   the truth is the truth and it can be viewed from every perspective and i think it could be as easy as choosing to view it from the […]

applies to everyone   the idea that “it makes sense from my perspective. I am one with myself” applies to everyone   but we don’t yet trust , or are not ready to admit and face the fact that the same is true for our external   If God is everyone and everything, he understands […]