I’ve definitely said this before, but it came to me today. The answer is that it’s everyone and that we’re here. When we reach heaven on earth, it will be everyone’s heaven. I believe that we’re edging closer to world peace (aka collective enlightenment / the utopia / zion) every day, and I believe we’ll […]

Hello all, It’s been a while since I’ve published a blog post. Was longboarding today and felt super in flow and connected to everyone and the here and now. It felt a lot how it used to feel, when I would board and blog the thoughts that would come to me. So here I am, […]

you (individual/ego) versus You (God/Life) everything that you are  Is only a different part of the same loop Between you and You You is always a product of you  and you are always a byproduct of You you do have all the power that is You you are never your own We are all His/Him/One/It/Life

With it you have everything Without it you have nothing

What is being left unsaid Is keeping us From what we can be Express let go and let be 

I thought of the beauty and truth of this And laughed out loud loudly and happily While taking a walk

i just do it He/Life/God commands all