This either gives me energy Or makes me feel like I have energy But either way Energy


Your thoughts lead you Your thoughts guide you Follow them

They don’t know any better The truth is you’re still like them You don’t either If you let go completely you become You That’s all there is to do

are you allowed to be as you are   of course of course you are

Time is trippy It’s a trip It’s constantly flowing forward How is it relative? because you are travelling within it your light is travelling at its own rate through its own space  your speed is up to you  Your limit is the speed at which the thing itself is flowing at Einstien defines this as […]

Im tired of trying Its already here   There is no try   Do not try   Just be   I believe if you focus on the sun, and about how far away it is you can become the entire universe between you and the thing you’re focusing on   or at least get a […]

It’s All God   Think of your worst enemy. They are God.   Think of a family gathering. It’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, and the whole family is together. All those characters with all those antics. All God.   Think of all your friends. All God.   People you have met. People you haven’t met. All […]


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